You can practise many leisure activities and make different trips from this corner of the Apennines.

Try birdwatching and experience life in the open or get to know the seasonal activities linked to local farming.
We shall try to make your stay in the countryside a memorable restful time in a simple welcoming setting.

Why not contemplate the tranquil calm of the hills on walks or bike rides along the hillside paths.

Nearby there are stables for horse riding, tennis courts, a swimming pool and other sports facilities.

Historical excursions include trips to:

• Palazzo Rossi at Sasso Marconi, a fifteenth century palace visited by popes and the Italian writer Torquato Tasso


• The Church of St. Maria Assunta at Riola di Vergato, designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto


• The Etruscan town of Misa at Marzabotto to learn about the economy, religion, culture and social life of the Etruscans and visit remains housed in the “P.Aria” Archeological Museum


• The Etruscan and Celtic archeo-logical excavations and Museum at Monte Bibele


• Monte delle Formiche, a nearby hilltop sanctuary


• Villa Griffone at Sasso Marconi, the residence of Guglielmo Marconi, with its Mausoleum and Museum dedicated to the inventor of radio


• Monte Sole


• Rocchetta Mattei at Riola di Vergato, a castle in Arab-Moorish style dating back to the late nineteenth century, built by Count Cesare Mattei


• The Museum at Monterenzio

• The mills along of the Savena and Idice rivers


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