The farmhouse “Canovetta del Vento” is an organic farm stretching over 17 hectares of hill land above the Savena valley, immersed in the green countryside at an altitude of 300m in the Pianoro municipality a few kilometres outside Bologna.

 Its position boasts suggestive views of the surrounding countryside where lively hues of wheat fields are flanked by warmer shades of pasture and woodland of ash and elm trees, bushes of hawthorn and dog-rose.
Using organic farming techniques (BioAgricert certification) we grow cereals, vegetables, fruit and soft fruits, make honey and breed small farmyard animals.

During your stay, you can see wild animals like deer, wild boar, hedgehogs, foxes, hares, blue heron, pheasant, falcons and larks or listen to the night chorus of the owls.

Childhood memories, a country house where our forefathers spent their days watching the seasons pass, busily cropping and tilling the fields, myriad emotions of warm family life, are evoked anew in those who visit our home. We do all we can to make your stay in the country memorable and happy.



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